Sinaida Aura calls out KRU over Kenya Lionesses salaries issue

Kenya Lionesses in a past Olympic event. Photo Courtesy/World Rugby

Olympian Sinaida Aura has opened up on the payment issues plaguing the Kenya Lionesses team.

Her remarks come in the wake of reports indicating that Lionesses players have gone unpaid for seven months.

In a candid statement, Aura expressed the frustration and challenges faced by players who proudly represent their country on the rugby field.

She highlighted the stark reality that many players face, struggling to afford basic necessities like food and shelter despite wearing the national colors with pride.

“When you dream of dawning the national colors and mapping the country sometimes the continent, it never crosses your mind the amount of frustration you will go through as a player to be able to afford basic human needs. Food, shelter and clothing (in this case clothing is a bonus so let’s focus on food and shelter),” she stated.

Aura lamented the lack of support and vision within the rugby community in Kenya, attributing the issues to decisions driven by greed and selfishness.


She emphasized that such challenges are particularly detrimental to women in the sport, who often face additional barriers and obstacles.

“Joining the national team reignites some sense of hope and achievement in you. It brings some sense of balance. But in Kenya, (read rugby) this is short lived. Decisions driven by greed, selfishness and lack of vision are crippling the game. More so for women.” the statement added.

Drawing from her own experience and the experiences of past players, Aura underscored the disappointment of dealing with unpaid allowances, despite hoping for improvements over time.

She called upon the Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) to address these issues urgently, warning that failure to do so could tarnish the legacy of the sport and undermine the efforts of generations of players.

In a poignant plea to the KRU, Aura urged them to prioritize the welfare of the Lionesses and take immediate action to ensure they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

She emphasized that neglecting the needs of the players not only undermines their efforts but also jeopardizes the aspirations of the team to compete at the highest levels, including in prestigious tournaments like the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series.

“When I joined the national team, we’d hear stories about unpaid allowances from our seniors (they were basically telling us to buckle up) but a part of you refuses to and hangs on to the hope of “our time will be better.” Truly, how much more disappointing can it get if we are dealing with the same issues we dealt with in 19 – pak – opuk?”

“Wake up KRU. Before you kill a legacy that has taken tones of blood sweat and tears to build. We should not be rallying and shouting about player allowances. If getting the ladies into the HSBC is part of your goal then it doesn’t take a toddler to tell you are FAILING!! PAY THE LIONESSES.”


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