David Mayabi’s dual dance :Balancing justice in uniform and two codes of rugby

David Mayabi during a jersey presentation session. PHOTO/David Mayabi
David Mayabi during a jersey presentation session. PHOTO/David Mayabi

In the bustling cityscape where law enforcement officers navigate the complex terrain of justice, one individual stands out not only for his commitment to upholding the law but also for his prowess on the rugby field. Meet David Mayabi, a dedicated law enforcer who has seamlessly blended the demanding responsibilities of his profession with the exhilarating sport of rugby.

He plays his club rugby for Administration Police and he is part of the Kenya Rugby League national team. Mayabi’s story is one of balance and passion, where the uniformed officer’s commitment to public safety is matched only by his love for the rough and tumble of the rugby field.

David Mayabi’s journey

His journey into law enforcement began with a sense of duty to his community. Drawn to the idea of making a positive impact on society, he joined the police force, where he quickly rose through the ranks due to his dedication, leadership skills, and unwavering commitment to justice.

However, amidst the demands of maintaining law and order, Mayabi found an unexpected outlet for his energy and passion – rugby.

David Mayabi posses with a trophy. PHOTO/David Mayabi.

David Mayabi in a past rugby event. PHOTO/David Mayabi.

“I believe everything starts with an interest and I developed an interest in being a law enforcer at a young age hence I believed and it happened when the ideal time came, for me rugby has been part of me since 2008 when I joined Chavakali School and I had the passion to learn from my seniors to walk through the rugby path,” Mayabi told Scrummage Africa.

Juggling the demanding roles of being a rugby player and a law enforcer can be quite challenging. Despite the demanding nature of his job, Mayabi has managed to strike a remarkable balance between the stern world of law enforcement and the dynamic, adrenaline-fueled world of rugby.

He exhibits the same determination and tenacity on the rugby field that he brings to his law enforcement duties.

“It is a challenge, but it becomes easier when you learn how to manage time and adhere to the service standing orders they will always guide you effectively, you have to work and at the same time adhere to the coaching program so it needs a lot of discipline to manage all this, luckily the National police service embraces sports and whenever you are in season you will be relieved of duty till the season is done.

“We get fixtures from the union and hand them to the sports department in the police service, from here they lias with the coach, and plans are put in place to facilitate the process both physically and mentally morale,” he revealed.


In a world where law enforcement officers are often seen as authoritative figures, Mayabi breaks stereotypes by showcasing his passion for serving the people. He serves as a reminder that law enforcers can have a human soft spot, contrary to popular opinion.

“As a police officer I have come across both good bad and better-case scenarios we live in a society where we have to accommodate every one of us and personally, I let the law take its course,” he disclosed.

David Mayabi’s responsibility

As a law enforcement officer, Mayabi confronts a myriad of challenges daily. The urban landscape of Nairobi presents him with the daunting task of ensuring public safety, tackling crime, and upholding justice. From petty thefts to more serious offences, Mayabi shoulders the responsibility of protecting the community, often working long hours in high-pressure situations.

“Challenges are all over it is only how we react to them that matters and that’s why we embrace sports as a community policing factor to jell with civilians and make them understand that the police are their friend,” he said.

David Mayabi strolls in a past match. PHOTO/David Mayabi

David Mayabi strolls in a past match. PHOTO/David Mayabi

He foresees a future when he will turn up for the Kenya 7s national team; Shujaa. He advised the young generation of players that one can chase their career while also playing professional rugby, only if they put their mind to it.

“My advice to anyone having a demanding career and having a passion for sports is that time management is key and when you manage time it means you are disciplined to multitask both at work and at any level of sports,” he urged.

David Mayabi Fact File

Led Chavakali School to the national games held in Kakamega in 2011.
Captained Sang’alo Institute to win the Ketisa nationals rugby in 2015
Captained AP rugby in 2018 and we won the team spirit award
Was part of the AP Rugby team that won the 2022 first runners-up Division 2 overall and 2023 3rd place overall Division 2 winners
Trains with the Kenya Rugby League national team

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