Why Kisii RFC are uncomfortable with proposed unilateral fixture changes

Kibabii in a scrum contest against Kisii RFC. Photo Courtesy/Kibabii
Kibabii in a scrum contest against Kisii RFC. Photo Courtesy/Kibabii

Kisii RFC, a club taking part in the Western region Nationwide has protested a proposal put across by the Kenya Rugby Union competition that all games be played in one venue for the weekend.

Kisii RFC who are in their second season taking part in the nationwide after being relegated from the Kenya Cup and championship have taken a strong stand against the decision made which is to be implemented by Regional Development Officer Sebastian Makalek.

Speaking to Scrummage Africa, the club’s team manager Bob Onchong’a expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal.

“Kisii Rugby staunchly opposes the recent unilateral actions taken by the RDO’s office in the western region to implement a new fixture system without due consultation with its members. While the essence of the new arrangement isn’t fundamentally contested, the sudden imposition without member participation and input remains the primary concern.” Said Onchong’a.

The club is also troubled by the complete elimination of home games going forward. Onchong’a says that this system denies teams to collect revenue in terms of gate collections.

“Of particular concern is the complete elimination of home games from the proposed system, which serves as a vital revenue stream for community clubs through gate collections. The new system’s reliance on a single event, which is not even guaranteed, undermines the potential revenue that multiple home games generate under the current structure,” said Onchong’a.

However, Onchong’a insists that the club welcomes the idea that is if the union will cater for the teams that participate with the mode of transportation. He also added that they were not involved in making the decision.

“We wish to clarify that our objection isn’t against the concept itself but against the lack of foresight in addressing the financial implications. The abrupt change in venue notification, with almost double the distance from the initial location, poses significant financial challenges. Budgets have been meticulously planned, and without the union covering the expected financial impacts, honouring the fixture becomes considerably more difficult,” added Onchong’a.


Kisii who have begun their season on a high by defeating Maseno University at their tuff maintain that the decision should have been made before the beginning of the season and not when the season has already kicked off.

“As an affiliate member, Kisii Rugby is committed to utilizing all available influence and resources to contest this decision until a fair resolution is reached. We firmly assert that such substantial changes should be thoroughly discussed and finalized during the off-season, not during the ongoing season’s second game.” Onchong’a added.

On his part, Makalek says the purpose of having the matches at the same venue is to attract more fans in one venue and the long-run plan is to also lure sponsors.

“It will attract sponsors and fans. It will also help curb the issue of players playing for more than one club. I also, view it as a way of promoting unity and sharing of ideas among the rugby fraternity and this will promote the development,” he told Scrummage Africa.

“The chairpersons held a meeting with KRU and agreed to try double headers and advance to nationwide festivals if it picks up.

“Though their main challenge is financial constraints but they applauded the idea,” he stated.

On their preparedness for the second game against Citam Kisumu Onchong’a says that even Citam aren’t able to host them hence agreeing to curtain raise the Kisumu RFC Kenya Cup and ESS games

“Acknowledging Citam Kisumu’s expressed difficulty in hosting us at Siaya, both teams have mutually agreed to a curtain raiser match alongside the Kenya Cup and Ess games hosted by Kisumu at the Kisumu Polytechnic grounds, effectively resolving the scheduling conflict.” Said a dissatisfied Onchong’a.

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