Former star Ken Moseti opens up on post-rugby struggles, pleas for support in comeback journey

Ken Moseti. PHOTO/Ken Isaiah Moseti.

In his playing days, Isaiah Ken Moseti was a name synonymous with talent and success. A once-celebrated former Kenya 7s,15s and KCB Rugby utility-back who adorned the rugby pitches across the country and beyond with skills and grace, captivating fans and aspiring rugby enthusiasts.

However, the bright lights that once shone on his athletic prowess have now dimmed, casting a shadow over a life marred with struggles. Scrummage Africa has established that the halfback who also played as a centre is currently struggling with addiction in the heart of the national capital, Nairobi.

He admitted that he needs help to get back on track or else he will sink for good. “I feel wasted because of drugs and if it remains this way, it might get worse and it will endanger my life.

Ken Moseti opens up 

In a candid interview with Scrummage Africa, Moseti bared his soul, with a glimmer of remorse in his voice, confessing the mistakes and harsh realities that have befallen him since his departure from rugby in the middle of the KRU 2019/2020 season that led him down this treacherous path.


Isaiah Ken Moseti receives a MoTM award in Impala Floodlit. PHOTO/Impala

Isaiah Ken Moseti receives a MoTM award in Impala Floodlit. PHOTO/Impala

“I never thought it would come to this,” he noted, “My life in general at the moment is a bit challenging, I want to be very honest, the transition from the game for me wasn’t the best, rugby was my life but life took a turn I never expected, I can say I have failed, I made bad decisions at some point and I regret.”

Moseti’s plea for a second chance echoed through by the weight of genuine remorse. He yearned for redemption, wanting to contribute to the sport that had once defined him.

The scars on his body while playing now mirrored the scars on his soul. His voice cracked as he spoke of the saddening life he was going through in Nairobi.


“I’ve lost it all, but I want to rebuild. My playing time was called off prematurely, it’s very saddening for me though there are fans who have been supportive and I appreciate it,” he confessed, a glimmer of hope cutting through the gloom.

“I need a second chance in life if given I’ll use the platform to make amends and show people that you can fall but that doesn’t mean you should remain down,”

“I have made mistakes as a young man, I apologize to anyone I’ve wronged, I have learned the hard way and I think it’s enough,” he added.

The 34-year-old recounted the spiral into struggles of making ends meet after quitting the rugby scene. Financial challenges compounded, leaving him without a stable income.

“COVID-19 is part of the reason am struggling in life, when it came everything on my end stopped and it’s hell at the moment, I find it hard to make ends meet, it’s just hectic, I’ve been moving from place to place looking for opportunities but it’s all in vain.”

Ken Moseti eyeing second chance

Despite the depths of despair, Moseti’s interview wasn’t a plea for pity. Instead, it was a courageous appeal for a second chance, a plea for redemption as he sees a flicker of hope, a chance to rebuild his life and contribute to the sport.

“I know I’ve hurt myself and those who believed in me But I’m ready to change. I want a chance to get back to the game and play one more season as I continue coaching and mentoring kids because I want them to follow the right path not only in rugby but also in education and how they should invest, I want to give back to society even if it’s volunteering,” he implored.

Moseti won three Kenya Cup titles in succession with KCB and announced his retirement from the game during the 2019-20 season bringing to an end a seven-year stint with the bankers since joining the Ruaraka-based outfit in 2013.  In 2021, he was to make a comeback with Impala.

Ken Moseti. PHOTO/Ken Isaiah Moseti.

Ken Moseti. PHOTO/Ken Isaiah Moseti.

Moseti made his National sevens team Shujaa debut at the 2011 Dubai sevens before a chance to represent Kenya 15s team, Simbas came in 2014.

He is a World Rugby level 1 coaching certificate holder, having worked as a coach at Zetech University and Muhuri Muchiri Secondary School.

Those who wish to help the back can co-ordinate through Brian Mwenje 0713575861

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