KRU Championship 2023/24 fixtures

Kabrak Rugby. PHOTO/Kabarak

The fixtures for the upcoming KRU Championship season have been unveiled in anticipation of the commencement on December 2, 2023.

The league will adopt a one-off format, featuring 11 teams competing over 11 matchdays before progressing to the ultimate knockout stage.

KRU Championship top six 

There is a reintroduction of the playoffs, where teams finishing between third and sixth will contest for a spot in the semifinals.

Western Bulls players in a past event. Photo/Scrummage.

Western Bulls players in a past event. Photo/Scrummage.

The top two teams from the regular season will directly qualify for the semis.

Shamas Foundation will be absent from the tier, resulting in a total of 11 matches in the competition.


MMUST Rugby will initiate their second stint in the second tier by facing JKUAT Cougars, who earned a promotion. Daystar Falcons will clash with Mombas RFC, who also secured promotions.

Other matchups include South Coast Pirates hosting Western Bulls, Impala facing USIU Martial, and Kabarak University encountering UoE Trojans.

South Coast Pirates players after winning George Barbour Cup. Photo/South Coast Pirates.

South Coast Pirates players after winning George Barbour Cup. Photo/South Coast Pirates.

The league is scheduled to run until December 16, taking a break for the Christmas holiday.

Resuming on January 13, the playoffs are set for March 16, the semis will occur on March 23, and the final is slated for April 4.

2023/24 KRU Championship 

Match Day 1 | Saturday 2 December 2023
Masinde Muliro v JKUAT Cougars
Daystar Falcons v Mombasa
South Coast Pirates v Western Bulls
Impala v USIU Martials
Kabarak University v UoE Trojans

Match Day 2 | Saturday 9 December 2023
USIU Martials v Kabarak University
Western Bulls v Impala
Mombasa v South Coast Pirates
JKUAT Cougars v Daystar Falcons
Mean Machine v Masinde Muliro

Match Day 3 | Saturday 16 December 2023
Daystar Falcons v Mean Machine
South Coast Pirates v JKUAT Cougars
Impala v Mombasa
Kabarak v Western Bulls
UoE Trojans v USIU Martials

Match Day 4 | Saturday 13 January 2024
Western Bulls v UoE Trojans
Mombasa v Kabarak University
JKUAT Cougars v Impala
Mean Machine v South Coast Pirates
Masinde Muliro v Daystar Falcons

Match Day 5 | Saturday 20 January 2024
South Coast Pirates v Masinde Muliro
Impala v Mean Machine
Kabarak University v JKUAT Cougars
UoE Trojans v Mombasa
USIU Martials v Western Bulls

Match Day 6 | Saturday 27 January 2024
Mombasa v USIU Martials
JKUAT Cougars v UoE Trojans
Mean Machine v Kabarak University
Masinde Muliro v Impala
Daystar Falcons v South Coast Pirates

Match Day 7 | Saturday 3 February 2024
Impala v Daystar Falcons
Kabarak University v Masinde Muliro
UoE Trojans v Mean Machine
USIU Martials v JKUAT Cougars
Western Bulls v Mombasa

Match Day 8 | Saturday 10 February 2024
JKUAT Cougars v Western Bulls
Mean Machine v USIU Martials
Masinde Muliro v UoE Trojans
Daystar Falcons v Kabarak University
South Coast Pirates v Impala

Match Day 9 | Saturday 24 February 2024
Kabarak University v South Coast Pirates
UoE Trojans v Daystar Falcons
USIU Martials v Masinde Muliro
Western Bulls v Mean Machine
Mombasa v JKUAT Cougars

Match Day 10 | Saturday 2 March 2024
Mean Machine v Mombasa
Masinde Muliro v Western Bulls
Daystar Falcons v USIU Martials
South Coast Pirates v UoE Trojans
Impala v Kabarak University

Match Day 11 | Saturday 9 March 2024
UoE Trojans v Impala
USIU Martials v South Coast Pirates
Western Bulls v Daystar Falcons
Mombasa v Masinde Muliro
JKUAT Cougars v Mean Machine

Top Six Playoffs | Match Day 12| Saturday 16 March 2024
Rank 3 v Rank 6
Rank 4 v Rank 5

Semis | Match Day 13 | Saturday 23 March 2024
Rank 1 v Winner (Rank 4 v Rank 5)
Rank 2 v Winner (Rank 3 v Rank 6)

Match Day 14 | Saturday 4 April 2024
Third Place Playoff (Loser SF1 v Loser SF2)
Final (Winner SF1 v Winner SF2)

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