St. Michael Kipsombe advances to Uasin Gishu County 7s after dominant wins

St. Michael Kipsombe fly half in action against Tendwo secondary in the semi finals

St. Michael Kipsombe rugby team have secured their place in the finals of the Uasin Gishu County 7s rugby

The team maintained an impressive unbeaten streak throughout the tournament, culminating in a decisive 17-0 victory over Tendwo Secondary in the semi-finals.

The journey to the finals began with a commanding 38-0 win over Arnesens in their opening match, followed by a resounding 49-0 triumph over St. Anthony’s Moiben.


In the quarterfinals, St. Michael Kipsombe defeated Racecourse Secondary 24-0.  Their rivals in the finals, Chebisas, also displayed exceptional rugby prowess with a solid 12-0 victory over Wareng in the semi-finals.

This sets the stage for an intense showdown between the two county giants.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ category, Koiwarusen will face off against Tapsigoi in what promises to be an exciting final match filled with speed and skill.

With their eyes set on maintaining their top honour as champions, St. Michael Kipsombe is poised to deliver another thrilling performance in the upcoming finals against Chebisas.

UASIN Gishu County 7s Finals pairing

Boys -Sunday

St. Michael Kipsombe Vs Chebisas

Girls pairing

Koiwarusen vs Tapsagoi

Boys Semi finals results 

SF 1 Kipsombe 17 Vs 00 Tendwo

SF 2 Warreng 00 Vs 12 Chebisas

Girls Semi finals results 

SF 1 Tapsagoi 19 vs 00 GK

SF 2 Koiwarusen 10 Vs 05 Hillschool 

Quarter final results Boys 

Q1 Kipsombe 24 Vs 00 Racecorse

Q2 Simat 00 vs 03 Tendwo 

Q3 Warreng 07 Vs 05 Anesense

Q4 Chebisas 24 Vs 07 Sosiani

Rugby Boys Day 1 results 

St Michael Kipsombe 38 vs 00 Arnesens 

UG 05 vs Simat Boys

Warreng 19 Vs 00 Moi Barack’s 

Tendwo 05 Vs 00 Kuinet

Arnesens Vs St Anthony’s Moiben

UG 05 Vs 07 Sosiani

Moi Barack’s 00 Vs 07 Race course 

Tendwo 00 Vs 00 Chebisas

Boys Day 2 results 

St.  Anthony’s Moiben 00  Vs  49 St. Michael’s Kipsombe

Sosiani Sec.00 Vs 00 Simat

Racecourse 15 Vs 05 Warreng 

Chebisas 20 Vs 00 Kuinet  

Rugby Girls Day 1 results 

Kamagut  05 Vs 00 Dry’s 

GK 10 vs 00 Hillschool 

Kuiwoirusen 25 Vs 00 Chepsaita

Kerotet 00 Vs 00 Warreng 

Drys 0 tapsagoi 10

Plateau 19 vs chepsaita 5. Abd

Girls Day 2 results 

Hillschool 10 Vs 05 Warreng 

Kerotet 00 Vs 29 GK

Tapsagoi vs Kuinet

Plateau 10 Vs 10 Kuiwoirusen

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