Nyamita keen to soar to greater heights with Kisumu Girls

Kisumu Girls Rugby team pose for a photo. PHOTO/Paul Nyamita

Paul Nyamita, a prominent figure in the Nyanza region, is determined to transform Kisumu girls into a dominant force in rugby within the area.

Following their historic qualification for the 2024 rugby 15s nationals, Nyamita, the head coach of Kisumu girls, is focused on sustaining their newfound success.

Having introduced the sport to the school in mid-January 2024, Nyamita is optimistic about the team’s prospects in the upcoming term two games.

With a strong foundation laid, he believes that with continued dedication and training, Kisumu girls can build on their achievements and establish themselves as a formidable presence in the rugby scene of Nyanza.


“My girls started playing rugby in mid-January this year and see the result that they have given. It’s really impressive,” Nyamita told Scrummage Africa.

He also points out some of the challenges that he went through introducing the sport in the school.

“These girls did not know how a rugby ball looked like before. I found it hard introducing the sport in the school as it has never been played there before.

“Some teachers did not believe that girls could also play rugby as they believed that it was a boys sport. I went to classes picking the big bodied girls and encouraging them to play,”  he added.

However, he applauds the girls as he says that they are first learners compared to the boys.

“Having been in Maseno school for over ten years and coaching rugby, I can say that a concept a boy would struggle to grasp a girl grasped it quickly. This is what has helped us,”  Nyamita added.

He says that girls rugby is the next big thing in the country.

“I am telling you girls rugby is the next big thing in this country. The girls will qualify for the world cup before the boys I can smell success,”  Nyamita concluded.

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