Have Kenya Lionesses gone 7 months without salaries?

Kenya Lionesses in a past event. PHOTO/ Matchz Medi

There have been reports circulating that the Kenya Lionesses, the national women’s rugby team, have gone seven months without receiving their salaries, sparking concerns about their financial well-being.

Scrummage Africa reached out to some players within the team, who expressed the dire circumstances they are facing. One player lamented the strain caused by unpaid salaries since August of the previous year, highlighting the challenges of meeting basic needs such as rent and bills.

“Life is becoming hard, and we have rent and other bills to pay,” a player who sought anonymity expressed, highlighting the tangible impact of delayed payments on their livelihoods.

Another player echoed these concerns, emphasizing the seven-month period without payment and the lack of communication or concrete actions from the authorities to address the issue.

“It’s now 7 months since we received salaries, no one even cares to communicate when the money will be settled yet we are expected to show up on training, it’s just sad,” she stated.


In response to these claims, Kenya Rugby Union (KRU) chairman, Sasha Mutai said that allowances had been paid but directed inquiries about salaries to the director in charge of Kenya Lionesses.

“We have paid them all the trips (Dubai and Uruguay), about the salary contact the director in charge,” stated Mutai.

The Director however redirected us back to the secretariat.

Scrummage reached out to Moses Ndale, the KRU vice chairman, who acknowledged the delay in payments but disputed the extent of the unpaid period.

He mentioned that while salaries were overdue, some payments had been made in December.

Ndale also highlighted ongoing efforts to secure government support for the team, given their lack of sponsors.

“We acknowledge that there are payments owed to the Lionesses, but the duration is not as reported. It is their right to voice their concerns when payments are delayed, and we understand their frustration. However, WE have records indicating that partial payments were made in December. Whenever funds become available, we prioritize settling these payments promptly. We are also actively advocating for government support to alleviate the financial strain on the team,” Ndale stated.

“Given the absence of sponsors, we strive to manage our finances effectively to ensure the welfare of the Lionesses. They are our priority, and it’s always been our commitment to provide them with the support they need. When they participate in tournaments, we rely on government assistance to supplement their financial needs.”

Meanwhile, the Dennis Mwanja charges are preparing to travel to Poland for the Challenger Series after finishing fifth in the Uruguay series.

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