Platinum Credit Heathens beat Kobs to qualify for Uganda Cup Finals

Heathens have secured a 30-23 win in their Seventh semi finals clash against the KCB Kobs to qualify for Uganda Cup finals.

The KCB Kobs secured an early try thanks to the Great Chemistry between Ivan Otai and Alhaji Manano to set a pace for the ‘blue army’.

Heathens’ Malcom Okello made a split between the posts to sample out three points to bring them two points less 3-5 before the Kobs managed another try to extend their dominance.

Heathens decided to pull back with a three point thanks to Malcom Okello’s blessed boots added a three points to change the scores 6-10 before Innocent Gwokto added the first try for the Heathens to change the scores 11-10 before half time.

The Second half proved intense for the Kobs as Heathens managed another three points to change the Scores 14-10 in the first minutes of the second half marking Malcom’s third successful penalty kick.

With a petty mistake from offside, Kobs donated a penalty advantage to Heathens which became the fourth successful kick for Malcom as he adds the scores 17-10.

The Kobs tried to pull back with a three point by Josiah Ssempeke to tally the board 17-13 but proved not enough as the Heathens extended their win 24-13 with an outrageous try by Michael Wokorach and Malcom’s conversion.

Malcom added to his fifth penalty kick thanks to his golden legs to sum the score 27-13 before the Kobs managed another penalty kick in an attempt to reduce the gap 27-16.

Malcom secured his sixth successful penalty kick to widen the gap 30-16 before the Kobs managed their final converted try to tally the board 30-23 before the final whistle.




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