All set for inaugural Scrummage Kids 7s tournament

Scrummage Kids tournament logo. PHOTO/Scrummage.

The first edition of The Scrummage Kids 7s tournament is set to kick off on 16th December at Kakamega School.

The tournament has three categories to be competed in; under 12 and 14 for boys and under 16 for girls. The tournament which aims at mentoring young upcoming kids will see a total of twelve teams that have registered to take part in the tournament.

In an exclusive with the Scrummage Africa the tournament director Brian Mwenje says that fans should expect nothing but a thrilling tournament.

Scrummage kids 7s

“We anticipate a thrilling showcase of young talent, emphasizing teamwork, sportsmanship, and the joy of rugby at the Scrummage Africa Kids Tournament on December 16th, 2023, at Kakamega School,” Mwenje said.

Mwenje also pointed out that the tournament will be an annual event saying that this is just the beginning,

Scrummage Kids 7s tournament trophies and MVP Medals. PHOTO/Scrummage.

Scrummage Kids 7s tournament trophies and MVP Medals. PHOTO/Scrummage.

“ Absolutely! The Scrummage Africa Kids Tournament is set to become an annual event, fostering a tradition of youth rugby excellence and providing a platform for aspiring young players,” Mwenje revealed.

On the purpose of the tournament, Mwenje says the tournament aims to nurture rugby passion among young kids both boys and girls,

“The tournament is dedicated to nurturing the passion for rugby among kids, promoting physical activity, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. It’s the inaugural edition, promising an exciting blend of skill development and friendly competition in a supportive environment.” Mwenje pointed out.

Like all tournaments, there must be challenges faced when organizing especially if it is a first-time tournament.


“We’ve encountered several challenges including financial, but I want to thank all well-wishers who came to our aid in the time of need,”  Mwenje

The Scrummage Africa CEO Collins Amanga has noted that Scrummage Africa is not all about giving rugby coverage but also about giving kids a chance to express themselves.

“As Scrummage Africa our intention has been to contribute positively to the sport besides providing coverage. Being a holiday we saw it fit to give these youngsters a chance to play. You know we do not have many competitions for youngsters that is why chose to give them a chance to play. And it’s a chance to ensure kids are engaged during this holiday. Bigger things are coming in the coming years,” says Amanga.

Nakuru set for Scrummage Kids 7s

The tournament has attracted teams as far as Nakuru. Allan Bush the coach who brought teams from Nakuru says that his team has conquered several areas but he has never been in a tournament held in Kakamega.

“We conquered Nakuru, Nairobi we just needed some new challenge and Kakamega came in time. My expectation is nothing less than pure classic rugby from the girls.” Says Bush.

He also adds that he is expecting more of such tournaments in Kakamega. “ We are here to make Western our home,” concludes Bush.

Scrummage Kids 7s Pools

Pools under 12
Pool A

Pool B

Order of Play
Kabras vs Bungoma
Nakuru vs Mbale
Kisii vs Kabras
Mumias vs Nakuru
Bungoma vs Kisii
Mumias vs Mbale

Under 14
Order of Play

Kabras vs Nakuru
Bungoma vs Mumias
Kakamega vs Nakuru
Bungoma vs Kabras
Kabras vs Mumias
Kakamega vs Bungoma
Nakuru vs Mumias
Kabras vs Kakamega
Bungoma vs Nakuru
Kabras vs Bungoma
Order of Play
Nakuru vs Bungoma
Kisii vs Nakuru
Bungoma vs kisii

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