Former UoE Trojans utility Abuto joins Swiss Club

Hermance Région Rugby Club, Alvin Abuto's new home. Photo/ Hermance Région Rugby Club
Hermance Région Rugby Club, Alvin Abuto's new home. Photo/ Hermance Région Rugby Club

Immediate former UoE Trojans player, Alvin Abuto, has made a move to Switzerland club Hermance Région Rugby Club, according to a statement from the club.

In the announcement made on Sunday, the Dragons officially welcomed Alvin Abuto to their team, revealing that the versatile player had joined them from Kenya and would be part of their senior squad.

Abuto’s other role 

Additionally, Abuto is set to take on a coaching role with Hermance Région Rugby Club, focusing on developing their young talents.

“As we didn’t have the time to introduce all of our new players, we continue today with Alvin Abuto, 2nd or 3rd line. Arriving recently from Kenya, Alvin is already perfectly integrated within the senior team. He will soon join the HRRC coaching staff to train our young dragons. Welcome to the family, Alvin!” the club announced.

Alvin Abuto unveiled at HRRC. Photo/Hermance Région Rugby Club

Alvin Abuto unveiled at HRRC. Photo/ Hermance Région Rugby Club

UoE, on the other hand, expressed their best wishes for the player’s future endeavours and thanked him for his valuable contributions during his time with the Eldoret-based side.

“#Mawen’g. Thank you for the quality time we spend here at Trojans. Now you are going to be a #Dragon. As Trojans, we wish you well and all the best out there. We will miss your service,” the club stated.

Hermance Région Rugby Club (HRRC) was founded on December 15, 1971, by Yves Labouré, its founder and first President. Yves Labouré was a driving force in establishing the Club and played a pivotal role in the development of rugby in Switzerland. The club initially had members from various communes in Switzerland and neighboring French villages, demonstrating a regional spirit of collaboration.

In its early years, HRRC’s existence relied on the dedication of a small group of rugby enthusiasts who not only played the sport but also contributed to the club’s growth by installing lighting, creating a welcoming refreshment bar, and achieving success in Swiss rugby competitions, including several Swiss Cups.

As the club expanded over the years, local officials and regional personalities began supporting its development. HRRC secured its own ground in Hermance, France, which marked a significant milestone for the club. With the help of municipal authorities and the dedication of its members, HRRC transformed salvaged buildings into changing rooms and a clubhouse. This transition led to the club’s renaming as Hermance Région Rugby Club (HRRC).

HRRC’s history is marked by shared moments, emotions, commitment, and dedication to the values of rugby, making it a unique club in Switzerland. Today, HRRC boasts more than 200 members, with a significant portion being children.

In terms of achievements, HRRC has a rich history of success. In the 1973/1974 season, HRRC earned promotion to the National League A, where it has remained.

From 1989 to 1992, the club temporarily moved to Anières and celebrated its first Swiss Champion title. The 1990s were a golden era for HRRC, characterized by eight Swiss Champion titles and six Swiss Cups. During this period, the club had a diverse roster of players from various nations, contributing to the dynamic practice of rugby in the region.

In summary, HRRC’s legacy includes a total of 12 Swiss Champion titles and 8 Swiss Cups, reflecting its rich history of success and commitment to rugby’s values of honor, respect, rigor, and camaraderie.

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