South Africa defeat Madagascar in Africa Men’s 7s, Zim stun Champs Uganda

South Africa 7s after winning Dubai. PHOTO/SA Rugby

South Africa ended their day one on a high in the Africa Men’s 7s/Olympic Qualifiers beating Madagascar 38-14.

Madagascar became the first team to score against the Blitzboks despite the loss. The South African team, determined to hold on to their victory, made their first-line break after Madagascar became clumsy and gave them a chance to pounce on a loose ball to score through Van Vyk.

South Africa scorers

They landed a second try through Don Donavan after a series of passes that made it easy to take chances through the Madagascar defence line.

Selyvn Davids scored the third try for the Blitzboks at the left corner which was successfully converted by Ricardo Duarte to sum the score 17-0 at the break.

South Africa squad. PHOTO/Blitzboks
South Africa squad. PHOTO/Blitzboks

In the second half, Madagascar despite showing their prawns, were unable to counter Davids’ side steps as he scored his second try in the tournament tallying the points to 24-0 after a successful conversion.

In a similar way, Ricardo Duarte also made a smooth side-step counter, shaking the Madagascar defence to score under the post and successfully converting to raise the score 31-0.

South Africa concede

The Blitzboks made another try that was successfully converted before Madagascar pulled back with two successive tries. This saw them lose become the first time to score against SA.

Uganda, who are the defending Champions fell short in the hands of Zimbabwe in the repeat the 2022 Africa Men’s Cup final. Zim buoyed home fans whipped Uganda 35-5.

Zimbabwe, knowing the tough agility of the Ugandan side, took a chance as they made an early line break after a rush sprint from their zone, making the cheering squad to chant louder.

In three minutes, Tapiwa Mafura made another whitewash cross to score the second try for Zimbabwe which was a second successfully converted try to tally the scores 14-0.

Uganda 7S player tackled by Zambian duo. Photo/Uganda rugby Union
Uganda 7S player tackled by Zambian duo. Photo/Uganda rugby Union

In the second half, Pius Ogena pulled Uganda back to the game after he received a line-breaking offload from Adrian Kisito.

Zimbabwe reacted immediately and scored another try that was converted to sum the score 21-5. Not taking chances against the defending Champions, they stretched their lead through Ryan Musumhi who pounced on a loose ball and made a clear run to score an easy try that was successfully converted to raise the score 28-5.

The Zimbabweans sealed their victory with a centre pot try that was successfully converted to culminate the game 35-5.

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