Christie 7s Division II Pools and fixtures

Christie 7s Division II tournament will kick off on Saturday at Impala Club with 24 teams set to battle for the trophy.

In Pool A, the Zetech Oaks will be looking to make their mark alongside formidable opponents Meru, Nanyuki Jackals, and Masaku.

Over in Pool B, Makueni, Stallions, Northern Suburbs, and Comras lock horns. Meanwhile, Pool C, log leaders UoE Trojans, Molo, Kenya Prisons and PUEA will battle.

Pool D has AP Warriors, Embu, NyS Spades, and Ngong Warriors battling for supremacy. TUm Marines, Moi University, MKU Nairobi, and Dagoretti Bulldogs are set to face off in Pool E.

Christie 7s Division II Pools

0800 Meru v Nanyuki Jackals
0820 Zetech Oaks v Masaku
0840 Stallions v Northern Suburbs
0900 Makueni v Comras
0920 Molo v Kenya Prisons
0940 UoE Trojans v PUEA
1000 Embu v NYS Spades
1020 AP Warriors v Ngong Warriors
1040 Moi University v MKU Nairobi
1100 TUM Marines v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1120 Meru v Masaku
1140 Zetech Oaks v Nanyuki Jackals
1200 Stallions v Comras
1220 Makueni v Northern Suburbs
1240 Molo v PUEA
1300 UoE Trojans v Kenya Prisons
1320 Embu v Ngong Warriors
1340 AP Warriors v NYS Spades
1400 Moi University v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1420 TUM Marines v MKU Nairobi
1440 Nanyuki Jackals v Masaku
1500 Zetech Oaks v Meru
1520 Northern Suburbs v Comras
1540 Makueni v Stallions
1600 Kenya Prisons v PUEA
1620 UoE Trojans v Molo
1640 NYS Spades v Ngong Warriors
1700 AP Warriors v Embu
1720 MKU Nairobi v Dagoretti Bulldogs
1740 TUM Marines v Moi University

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