Kampala Giants to play Rift Valley Lakers in Futures Cup final

Rift Valley Lakers. PHOTO /DBA Africa

Kampala Giants and Rift Valley Lakers have qualified for the final of the Future Cup scheduled for 2:30 PM at St Chris International School.

Rift Valley coached by Michael Okidia romped into the final after edging Western Hurricanes coached by Edwin Achayo and Max Adaka 10-7 in the semi-final.

The other semi-final saw Kampala register a dominant performance against Micheal Wanjala’s Nairobi Lighting picking a 27-0 win to reach the final.

Western Hurricanes and Nairobi Lighting are set to battle in the bronze final following their semi-final losses.

Nairobi Bulldozers have Western wanderers faced off in the fifth play playoffs.

Futures Cup Quarters

In the quarterfinal pairings, the Nairobi Bulldozers clashed with the Kampala Giants, with the latter emerging victorious with a score of 17-10.

Nairobi Lighting had a nail-biting encounter against Central Avalanche, narrowly edging out their opponents with a 6-5 win.

In another closely contested match, Rift Valley Lakers secured a 14-13 victory against Coastal Tsunami. The Western Hurricanes triumphed over the Western Wanderers in an 18-17 thriller.

Pools Results

Reflecting on the pool results, the Rift Valley Lakers demonstrated their dominance by defeating the Nairobi Bulldozers 12-7. However, the Bulldozers faced a setback when they suffered a 17-0 defeat at the hands of Central Avalanche.

The Lakers continued their impressive form with a 5-0 triumph over the Western Hurricanes, who bounced back to claim an 11-10 victory against Central Avalanche.

The Nairobi Bulldozers then played out an exhilarating 20-20 draw against the Western Hurricanes. In another notable match, Kampala Giants displayed their prowess by overpowering Coastal Tsunami with a convincing 31-7 win.

Nairobi Lighting faced a tough challenge against the Giants and suffered a 22-0 defeat. In a closely contested encounter, Nairobi Lighting managed to secure a narrow 12-10 victory over Coastal Tsunami.

The Western Wanderers concluded the pool games with a dominant performance, triumphing over Nairobi Lighting with a scoreline of 25-3.

The Kampala Giants secured a hard-fought 3-3 draw against the Western Wanderers.

Futures Cup


Kampala Giants v Rift Valley Lakers


Nairobi Lighting v Western Hurricanes

Fifth place playoffs

Nairobi Bulldozers vs Western wanderers

Semi-final pairings

Kampala 27-0 Nairobi Lighting

Rift Valley Lakers 10-7 Western Hurricanes

Playoffs semis

Nairobi Bulldozers vs Central Avalanche

Coastal Tsunami vs Western Wanderers

Quarterfinal Pairing results

Nairobi Bulldozers 10-17 Kampala Giants

Nairobi Lighting 6-5 Central Avalanche

Rift Valley Lakes 14-13 Coastal Tsunami

Western Hurricanes 18-17 Western Wanderers

Pool Results

Rift Valley Lakers 12-7 Nairobi Bulldozers

Nairobi Bulldozers 0-17 Central Avalanche

Rift Valley Lakers 5-0 Western Hurricanes

Western Hurricanes 10-11 Central Avalanche

Nairobi Bulldozees 20-20 Western Hurricanes

Coastal Tsunami 7-31 Kampala Giants

Kampala Giants 22-0 Nairobi Lighting

Coastal Tsunami 7-17 Western Wanderers

Nairobi Lightning 12-10 Coastal Tsunami

Western Wanderers 25-3 Nairobi Lightning

Kampala Giants 3-3 Western Wanderers

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