Driftwood 7s fixtures and timings

Nondies players during the Dala 7s. PHOTO /Dave Mwaura
Nondies players during the Dala 7s. PHOTO /Dave Mwaura

The Driftwood 7s tournament is set to kick off this weekend, and the fixtures and timings for the matches have been officially confirmed.

The tournament will take place on Saturday, followed by the second day of matches on Sunday, ensuring an action-packed weekend for rugby enthusiasts.

On Saturday, the first match of the day will feature Nakuru against Blak Blad at 09:20 am. This will be followed by exciting encounters such as KCB versus Nondescript at 09:40 am, Homeboyz versus Mombasa at 10:00 am, and Kabras Sugar against Kisumu at 10:20 am.

Other matches throughout the day include Menengai Oilers versus Masinde Muliro, Strathmore Leos versus Catholic Monks, Mwamba versus Kabarak University, and Kenya Harlequin against Daystar Falcons.

The matches will continue with Nakuru facing Nondescript again at 12:10 pm, KCB against Blak Blad at 12:30 pm, and Homeboyz taking on Kisumu at 12:50 pm.

The action will then intensify with matches between Kabras Sugar and Mombasa, Menengai Oilers and Catholic Monks, Strathmore Leos and Masinde Muliro, and Mwamba against Daystar Falcons.

The day will conclude with Kenya Harlequin locking horns with Mwamba at 5:20 pm.

Moving on to Sunday, the schedule includes quarter-finals for both the Challenge Cup and the Cup. Exciting clashes await as teams battle it out for a spot in the semi-finals and ultimately aim for the prestigious Cup final.

Matches will also determine the rankings for the 13th place, 5th place, and 3rd place playoffs. The day will culminate with the highly anticipated Cup final at 5:10 pm, where the winner will be crowned as the ultimate victor of the Driftwood 7s tournament.

Driftwood 7s order of play

1 0920 Nakuru v Blak Blad
2 0940 KCB v Nondescript
3 1000 Homeboyz v Mombasa
4 1020 Kabras Sugar v Kisumu
5 1040 Menengai Oilers v Masinde Muliro
6 1100 Strathmore Leos v Catholic Monks
7 1120 Mwamba v Kabarak University
8 1140 Kenya Harlequin v Daystar Falcons
9 1210 Nakuru v Nondescript
10 1230 KCB v Blak Blad
11 1250 Homeboyz v Kisumu
12 1310 Kabras Sugar v Mombasa
13 1330 Menengai Oilers v Catholic Monks
14 1350 Strathmore Leos v Masinde Muliro
15 1410 Mwamba v Daystar Falcons
16 1430 Kenya Harlequin v Kabarak University
17 1500 Nondescripts v Blak Blad
18 1520 KCB v Nakuru
19 1540 Kisumu v Mombasa
20 1600 Kabras Sugar v Homeboyz
21 1620 Catholic Monks v Masinde Muliro
22 1640 Strathmore Leos v Menengai Oilers
23 1700 Daystar Falcons v Kabarak University
24 1720 Kenya Harlequin v Mwamba
Day 2 Schedule, Sunday 9 July 2023

25 0920 Challenge QF A3 v B4
26 0940 Challenge QF D3 v C4
27 1000 Challenge QF C3 v D4
28 1020 Challenge QF B3 v A4
29 1040 Cup QF A1 v B2
30 1100 Cup QF D1 v C2
31 1120 Cup QF C1 v D2
32 1140 Cup QF B1 v A2
33 1210 13th place semi Loser M25 v Loser M26
34 1230 13th place semi Loser M27 v Loser M28
35 1250 Challenge semi Winner M25 v Winner 26
36 1310 Challenge semi Winner M27 v Winner M28
37 1330 5th place semi Loser M29 v Loser M30
38 1350 5th place semi Loser M31 v Loser M32
39 1410 Cup semi Winner M29 v Winner M30
40 1430 Cup semi Winner M31 v Winner M32
41 1500 13th place final Winner M33 v Winner M34
42 1520 Challenge final Winner M35 v Winner M36
43 1600 5th place final Winner M37 v Winner M38
44 1620 3rd place playoff Loser M39 v Loser M40
1640 Div 2 Final
45 1710 Cup Final Winner M39 v Winner M40

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