Dala 7s order of play

Dala 7s poster. Photo/Kisumu RFC
Dala 7s poster. Photo/Kisumu RFC

Dala 7s tournament order of play has been released with thrilling matches line-up on Saturday at Jomo Kenyatta Stadium Mamboleo.

The tournament will kick off with a clash between defending Champions Menengai Oilers and Nondies at 09:20.

Among the exciting fixtures lined up is the encounter between Nakuru and Catholic Monks at 09:40, followed by a face-off between KCB and Masinde Muliro at 10:00.

The Kenya Harlequin team will take on Mombasa at 10:20, while Strathmore Leos will go head-to-head against the Daystar Falcons at 10:40.

In another thrilling matchup, Kabras Sugar will challenge Kisumu at 11:00, while Homeboyz will battle Western Bulls at 11:20.

The excitement will continue to escalate with matches like Mwamba versus Makueni at 11:40.\

Dala 7s round Two

Round two will see Menengai Oilers versus Catholic Monks at 12:10, Nakuru and Nondescripts at 12:30, KCB and Mombasa at 12:50, and Kenya Harlequin and Masinde Muliro at 13:10.

The action-packed afternoon will feature matchups including Strathmore Leos versus Kisumu at 13:30, Kabras Sugar versus Daystar Falcons at 13:50, and Homeboyz versus Makueni at 14:10.

Mwamba will take on Western Bulls at 14:30.

The final round will see Nondies will face Catholic Monks at 15:00, while Masinde Muliro will clash with Mombasa at 15:20. Daystar Falcons and Kisumu will battle it out at 15:40, and Western Bulls will strive for victory against Makueni at 16:00.

The much-anticipated match between Menengai Oilers and Nakuru will take place at 16:20, followed by a captivating showdown between KCB and Kenya Harlequin at 16:40. The tournament will reach its climax with a thrilling match between Strathmore Leos and Kabras Sugar at 17:00, and Homeboyz will lock horns with Mwamba at 17:20.

Dala 7s Order of play

1 0920 Menengai Oilers v Nondescripts
2 0940 Nakuru v Catholic Monks
3 1000 KCB v Masinde Muliro
4 1020 Kenya Harlequin v Mombasa
5 1040 Strathmore Leos v Daystar Falcons
6 1100 Kabras Sugar v Kisumu
7 1120 Hómeboyz v Western Bulls
8 1140 Mwamba v Makueni
9 1210 Menengai Oilers v Catholic Monks
10 1230 Nakuru v Nondescripts
11 1250 KCB v Mombasa
12 1310 Kenya Harlequin v Masinde Muliro
13 1330 Strathmore Leos v Kisumu
14 1350 Kabras Sugar v Daystar Falcons
15 1410 Homeboyz v Makueni
16 1430 Mwamba v Western Bulls
17 1500 Nondescripts v Catholic Monks
18 1520 Masinde Muliro v Mombasa
19 1540 Daystar Falcons v Kisumu
20 1600 Western Bulls v Makueni
21 1620 Menengai Oilers v Nakuru
22 1640 KCB v Kenya Harlequin
23 1700 Strathmore Leos v Kabras Sugar
24 1720 Homeboyz v Mwamba

Dala 7s Day 2 Schedule, Sunday 2 July 2023

25 0920 9th place QF A3 v B4
26 0940 9th place QF D3 v C4
27 1000 9th place QF C3 v D4
28 1020 9th place QF B3 v A4
29 1040 Cup QF A1 v B2
30 1100 Cup QF D1 v C2
31 1120 Cup QF C1 v D2
32 1140 Cup QF B1 v A2
33 1210 13th place semi Loser M25 v Loser M26
34 1230 13th place semi Loser M27 v Loser M28
35 1250 9th place semi Winner M25 v Winner M26
36 1310 9th place semi Winner M27 v Winner M28
37 1330 5th place semi Loser M29 v Loser M30
38 1350 5th place semi Loser M31 v Loser M32
39 1410 Cup semi Winner M29 v Winner M30
40 1430 Cup semi Winner M31 v Winner M32
41 1500 13th place final Winner M33 v Winner M34
42 1520 9th place final Winner M35 v Winner M36
43 1600 5th place final Winner M37 v Winner M38
44 1620 3rd place playoff Loser M39 v Loser M40
1640 Div 2 Final
45 1710 Cup final Winner M39 v Winner M40

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