Vihiga County Rugby 7s school games quarterfinal pairings

Vihiga High School receive trophy from KRU Director Oscar Mango. Photo Courtesy/Scrummage.
Vihiga High School receive trophy from KRU Director Oscar Mango. Photo Courtesy/Scrummage.

Vihiga County Rugby 7s school games will head to the knockout stage on Saturday 27 August with the quarterfinal line-up confirmed.

Giants Vihiga High School, Chavakali High School, Ebusiloli and Mbale are some of the schools that will feature in the quarters.

Western Region Prescott Cup Champions Vihiga High School are set to face off with Ebusiloli in the first quarterfinal match.  Vihiga coached by Sebastian Makalek got six points in the group stage after a win and a walkover to book a place in the last eight.

Their opponent Ebusiloli had an impressive start trashing Ebulonga in their pool opener but lost 19-10 to Mbale in the final match of the day.

The second quarterfinal will see Kaimosi play against Senede. Kaimosi managed one win in the group stage, they lost to Chavakali 17-0 before bouncing back with a 34-0 win over Magui. Senende had a perfect day one and picked wins over Emusire and Kegoye.

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The third quarterfinal has Chavakali against Emusire. Chavakali joined the likes of Senende and Vihiga on the unbeaten list as they bagged two successive wins over Magui and Kaimosi.

Emusire proceeded to the last eight after a 24-0 against Kegoye.

Mbale also got two straight wins in the preliminaries to reach the last eight and have booked a date against Hobunaka.

2022 Vihiga County Rugby 7s (KSSSA Rugby 7s )Results:

Vihiga 38-0 Hobunaka

Chavakali 34-0 Magui

Senende 38 -Emusire

Ebusiloli 37-0 Ebulonga

Chavakali 17-0 Kaimosi

Senende 15-0 Kegoye

Ebusiloli 10-19 Mbale

Kaimosi 34-0 Magui

Kegoye 0-24 Emusire

Mbale 26-0 Ebulonga

Vihiga County Rugby 7s Quarterfinal pairings:

Vihiga vs Ebusiloli

Kaimosi vs Senende

Chavakali vs  Emusire

Mbale vs  Hobunaka

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