MMUST centre Timothy Mmasi handed a two-week suspension


Kenya 7s International and MMUST Centre Timothy Mmasi is set to serve a two-week suspension after his Red Card against Impala Saracens.

According to the referee’s report, Mmasi used his fist/punch on the neck of Tony Khadambi instead of a hand off. The offense prompted the referee to sent him off around the 50th minute.

The Judicial panel believes his actions were against Law 9.12 which states – “A player must not physically abuse anyone. Physical abuse includes, but is not limited to: Biting, Intentional Contact with Eye(s), Reckless Contact with Eye(s), Contact with Eye Area, Punching or striking with hand, arm (including stiff-arm tackle), elbow or shoulder.”

This saw the panel hand the MMUST star a two- week suspension.

“The Judicial Officer categorized the act as a low-end offence on the scale of seriousness and having considered aggravating and mitigating circumstances imposed upon the player a two (2) week suspension,” reads a ruling by Judicial Panel.

“In accordance with the R.17.19.10 and in line with the player’s schedule, he will serve suspension from 01 March 2022. No award was made as to costs,” the statement further add.

With the Kenya Cup regular season over, the next set of matches is the Enterprise Cup on 19 March 2022 and his suspension is set to commence at that date. Any other further sanctions would depend on the progress of his team.

If he is due for call-up to the Kenya 7s, any outstanding sanction would be served as per rules
governing change of code from 15s to 7s.

The end date of his sanctions will be determined by KRU

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