South Coast 5s Touch Rugby kicks off with a bang

South Coast Pirates beat Rugby. Photo Courtesy/ South Coast five

The shores of Safari Beach Hotel Diani came alive on a Friday afternoon as the 2023 South Coast 5s Beach Touch Rugby tournament kicked off with a bang.

Drawing rugby enthusiasts, beach lovers, and curious onlookers from far and wide, this three-day extravaganza promised a unique blend of beach rugby, sandy beaches, and an electric atmosphere.

The sandy beaches stretched as far as the eye could see, providing a picturesque backdrop for the teams competing in the thrilling sport of beach rugby. The gentle waves of the Indian Ocean lapped against the shore, with players from various rugby clubs showcasing their skills while navigating the shifting sands with agility and precision.

The organizers had left no stone unturned in ensuring a spectacle worthy of this iconic coastal destination.

As the sun settled, the floodlights illuminated the pitch, casting a breathtaking glow on the players and intensifying the already exciting mood.

What truly set this tournament apart was the active participation of tourists who were not content with merely spectating from the sidelines.

Tournament organizer Kevin Amiani extended a warm invitation to everyone for day two of the tournament.

“We’ve witnessed an incredible display of skill and passion today,” he exclaimed. “But the best is yet to come! Join us tomorrow as we push the boundaries of beach rugby even further. It’s going to be a day to remember!” He concluded.

South Coast 5s Touch Rugby Day One collated results 

Pool D

Diani Smooth 2-0 Mineral mavericks

Ocean Ukunda 2-0 mineral mavericks

Likoni men 1-0 Kombani 

Kentaste 2-0 Mineral mavericks

Likoni men 3-0 Dicktrile

Kentaste 5-0 Diani Smooth

Dicktrile 2-2 Kombani

Ocean Ukunda 0-2 Likoni Men

Pool C

Safari Beach 1-2 Lesgaloise

NCBA Spartans 7-0 Tiwi Lioness

The Barbour 0-5 Karen Chiefs

Tiwi Lionesses 0-1 Sea Lions

Scallions 0-5 Lesgaloise

The Barbour’s 0-2 NCBA Spartans

Tiwi Lionesses 0-4 Safari Beach

Pool B

Les Gauloise 0-1 Mvindeni

Likoni women 0-2 TUM

Shimba hills 0-1 The Cave 

Titan tacklers 1-1 Likoni women

TUM 1-0 shimba hills

The cave 0-0 Mvindeni

Titan tacklers 0-4 TUM.

Shimba hills 0-1 Les Gauloise.

Pool A

Mvindeni 0-1 Tiwi simbas

Weekend Warriors 0-4 Karen crusaders

Ball grabbers 0-2 SoFire ent 

Weekend warriors 0-2 Marines

Mvindeni 0-1 SoFire ent.

Marines 0-1 Karen Crusaders

Mvindeni 0-1 Ball grabbers

Karen crusaders 3-0 Tiwi simbas

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