Kakamega school, Butula reach Black Rock 7s quarters, pairings confirmed

Kakamega School in a past action.
Kakamega School in a past action.

The stage is set for an exciting showdown at the Black Rock 7s tournament as the quarterfinal pairings have been confirmed.

The highly anticipated matches promise thrilling rugby action and fierce competition as teams vie for a spot in the semifinals.

In the first quarterfinal, Vihiga 1 will face off against Vihiga 2 in an all-Vihiga clash. The teams from the same school will battle it out for supremacy, adding an extra layer of intensity to the match.

In the second quarterfinal, former National Kakamega School will go head-to-head with St Mary Yala. An intense battle is expected as these two school clash on the field the are traditional rugby powerhouses.

The third quarterfinal will feature Butula 1 taking on Maseno. In the fourth quarterfinal, Butula 2 will square off against Chavakali.

The teams are using the matches to prepare their team for the upcoming 7s matches with Kakamega set to host the KSSSA 7s Nationals this year.

Black Rock 7s Quarterfinal pairings

QF1: Vihiga 1 vs Vihiga 2
QF2: Kakamega vs Yala
QF3: Butula 1 vs Maseno
QF4: Butula 2 vs Chavakali


Ebusiloli 0-26 Vihiga 2

Kakamega 1 41-0 Maseno 2

Maseno 1 33-5 Kakamega 2

Esalwa 0-54 Butula 2

Vihiga 40-0 Yala 2

Butula 1 40-0 Chavakali 2

Ebusiloli 0-53 Yala 1

Kakamega 1 12-10 Sabatia

Maseno 1 53-0 Kapsengere

Esalwa 0-19 Chavakali

Vihiga 38-0 Emusire

Butula 2 24-0 Magui

Kakamega 2 24-07 Kapsengere

Sabatia 17-7 Maseno 2

Vihiga 7-31 Yala

Chavakali 10-17 Butula

Emusire 10-19 Yala 2

Magui 0-5 Chavakali 2

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